A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Balance is all about your childhood.

Remember those games you got at McDonald? Those freaking labyrinth you got some times with this ball you had to make roll in the general direction you wanted?

Balance is this. But in 3D, with some special things. Plus it's in isometric, you don't get a good appreciation of depth.

Hope you'll like it, it's pretty short!


If you have an Xbox Controller, I recommend playing with it. I made the game thinking of the Xbox controller as the main gamepad.

XBOX 360 Controller

Left joystick to move the world and make the ball roll
Right joystick to move the camera around
Triggers to zoom in/out
A to validate in the menus
Start to pause the game


Directionnal Arrows to move the world and make the ball roll
ZQSD to move the camera around ( left ALT + left SHIFT to switch between AZERTY and QWERTY)
A and E to zoom in/out ( in AZERTY )
Space or Enter to validate the menues
ESC to pause the game


You control the world. There's a ball. Get the ball to the end.
There's also a story about quantum physics and time travel, but it isn't implemented yet. It will never be.


You can listen and download the 2 songs of the game on my soundcloud :3



Balance Windows 64bits 41 MB
Balance Windows 32bits 40 MB
Balance MacOS 50 MB
Balance Linux 50 MB