A downloadable game

Balls and Blocks is a little game I made for the Ludum Dare #31.

The theme was "Entire Game in One Screen". I decided to go for a little platformer on a constantly evolving level.

The goal is to collect the littles balls that are floating in the level. Each time you do, a block will appear instead of the ball.

It can be a White or Black block, a blue block or a red block.

Red blocks kill you!
Blue blocks are always here.
White and black blocks can switch color by pressing the Switch button ( Tab, Alt, Shift, Control, Q, W, E, or even (X) on a Xbox360 controller ). You can walk on black blocks, but you go right through the white ones.

If you touch a red block or the time runs out, the game ends.

You can watch a preview of the game here :


LudumDare31.air 8.3 MB